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About Us

Pasture Raised Pork

Linton pasture pork is a  farrow to finish family run farm located in Walton, Ontario. We are a niche market pork producer who believes in humane and sustainable production. That being said, our pasture raised hogs are raised outdoors between Spring and Fall and during the Winter season they are raised in an old fashioned bank barn with an outdoor option

Est. 2010


To produce a humanely raised product while remaining sustainable.

Jeffrey Linton

I have been in the pig business all of my life working with my parents on their farrow to finish operation in Huron County, Ontario.

I graduated Ridgetown College with a diploma in Agriculture and moved back home to help  once again on the family farm.

In 2010, I spent 3 months in Scotland working on an outdoor sow farm with 500 animals. During this time, I developed and refined my husbandry skills and learned how to raise pigs outside and work in close contact with them. I then returned to Canada where I utilized my skills and started Linton Pasture Pork in 2014. 

What started as a small farrow to finish operation on my parent’s front lawn, Linton Pasture Pork has now grown to a large scale operation with over 600 pigs. I have  gained a vast amount of hands on experience in both farming and agriculture and have perfected the art of cover crops, replanting pastures, while practicing sustaninable farming.